Constech Heavy Equipment Services

To fulfill its objectives, the Company has developed a tailored, integrated service to drive liquidity and ensure the completion of your transactions. Services provided by the Company include, but are not limited to: Purchasing, receiving, inspecting (where possible) & consolidating (upon special request) the required merchandise for the client.

We are having more than a decade experience in the sector of construction industry i.e. we know the contractors i.e. irrigation, road, building, hiring etc.

Our intensive study and experience in the infrastructure and earth work field has given us a great deal of knowledge and ability. This helps us to assess and recommend appropriate equipment and machinery to suit individual customers needs the purpose of deployment and the application of the machinery and equipment is understood by our sales persons before talking to the customers.

Our long experience in infrastructure field has helped us to build an excellent rapport with the customers as well as with the equipment manufacturers. Besides networking with Banks and Finance companies, our extensive data base of the CE customers helps us source business for all our activities.

The business of hiring of equipments has also given us tremendous success. In the Hiring/Rental activities we help our clients to deploy their equipments at the suitable sites as per their wish.

We are selling all Rock Breakers imported spare parts at reasonable price with standard rate. Apart from Rock Breaker we can also provide some Excavator & Stone Crusher spare parts with reasonable price.